Thursday, April 8, 2010

Picture Your Brand

Picture your brand online and in print. By that I mean, go to a photographer and collaborate with him/her so that together you make photographs that literally "picture your brand online and in print."

For an extra challenge try to create a photo that represents your inner brand. The above photo for me is a metaphorical representation of what I believe is my inner brand. No, it is not an in your face exact display of me. But if it is true that every picture is a self portrait, this is my self portrait and my brand.

As described by personal branding coach, Malcolm Levene in his post titled "Personal Branding From the Inside Out", he states your inner brand is "your attitude, values, your behaviours, self esteem and your level of confidence. It also represents the different ways you communicate without words."

I invite you to visualize your personal brand and share it online and in print.

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