Thursday, March 4, 2010

I Feel Your Pain !

How does the photographer feel about having her picture taken? Well, friends, I FEEL YOUR PAIN !

For the last eighteen months, I had been using the same primary "brand" portrait that I was very fond of, so like most people I was not in a hurry to get a new photo. Just like everyone else, I hadn't gotten any younger in the last eighteen months. And in total honesty,
(1) I had gained weight and was dreading how puffy I was going to look, plus,
(2) I was concerned how tired I was going to look

So in other words, like many other people, I was procrastinating. But the deadline to submit my photos to Caroline Melberg, our website designer at Small Business Mavericks, was fast approaching if I was going to accomplish our goal of an InBeaute Photography website, blog and business card makeover..... look for completion May 1st.

Eventually, I got all my ducks in a row with:
(1) a new hair coloring (thanks to Julie at near Rosedale)
Ask me or Alice Barry at how I responded to a Facebook post from Alice and qualified for a free hair coloring.
(2) shopping for new eyeglasses (thanks to Dawn Stebbing at who helped create my new look)
(3) new colorful blazers at Coldwater Creek (again thanks to Dawn Stebbing)

and on the day of the scheduled session,
(4) had my makeup and hair done (thanks to Brook Landers at on Selby Avenue, seven-nine minutes by car from the studio, woo hoo).

My talented husband, a true artist and photojournalistic style photographer, was given the challenge to photograph me ... preferably the same way I photograph my clients.

Well, together, we accomplished the impossible. I have too many good pictures to choose from and my only complaint is how fast a linen blazer wrinkles, which I didn't anticipate in advance.

So friends, I truly FEEL YOUR PAIN.

My one lesson is - - use the valuable resources around you.

YES, have a trusted friend or someone help make decisions like shopping for eyeglasses and clothes
YES, spend the extra dollars and have someone do your hair and makeup (remember beauty schools and stylists in training can give you a huge discount)
YES, trust your photographer that they have only your best interests at heart. They truly, madly, deeply want you to look your best.
YES, ask your photographer to do a little gentle photo retouching so you look "refreshed in a professional way," to quote Mary Lower of .

So the photo-related pain is over for now and I am not going to wait eighteen months for the next picture. See a few of the sample photos that are in my Favorites folder. In the meantime, anything I can do to help assist you through this process or pass on my countless image related providers, please do not hesitate to ask me.


Let's keep this momentum going forward with this special offer. 20% off your business portrait session if booked March 8th - March 18th and session completed by March 31st. (advance deposit holds your appointment).

If desired, we'll help coordinate your hair and/or makeup at Five Two Six salon just minutes away.

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