Sunday, December 20, 2009

Camera Equipment Readiness Before 100 New Pictures

Like the scouts say "Be Prepared" and that is also true with being prepared for photography.

Here are tips on how to get your camera ready for creating hundreds of new photos:


1) Make a checklist of the equipment you want to remember to bring with you

2) Purchase camera cleaning supplies and gently clean all your equipment.

3) Check your supply of image storage cards. Store them in clean, sealed cases.

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Prepping Your Computer Before You Load 100 Pictures

Here are tips on how to get ready for creating and managing hundreds of new photos during the holidays or any photo intensive type event:


1) relocate as many photos as possible off your laptops/computers and onto your backup storage hard drives.

2) perform a Disk Scan via freeware. Helps locate hundreds of hidden pics stored while making books, cards & movies and holding in the Recycle bin. Move them or archive/trash them.

3) free up major hard drive space by removing old software programs you haven't used or plan to use in the future.

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Saturday, December 19, 2009

The Networked Boomer Woman: Hear Us Roar from BrandChannel

How much do I love the ezine http://www.brandchannel/

Yes, I do. If you follow my blog you'll see me add links from my favorite sources and this is on my top ten list.

Today's article is right up my alley. "The Networked Boomer Woman: Hear Us Roar."

" ... baby boomer women have no intention of quietly going into old age. This is a market that's only beginning to come into its own in terms of spending power. The general consensus from many studies is that the collective spending power of boomers tops $2 trillion a year, but will keep expanding, in large part due to the tendency to this generation to put off retirement."

Here's the link to the full article

No. 10 Reason Your Photographic Image is Important

No. 10 Reason Your Photographic Image is Important

Your photographic image should visually support your bottom line activities.

We recommend you review your strategic marketing plan to assess how your images can support your plan. Determine what your company is and how to convey that visually with images. Identify the products or services that your company provides and display the appropriate photo. Identify your target buyers and end users and create photos that mirrior their looks, value and social structure.

No. 9 Reason Your Photographic Image is Important

No. 9 Reason Your Photographic Image is Important

Your photographic image should work to build a solid foundation upon which you and your target audience can do business.

There are structures that are iconic and create a huge sense of security and trust. If these types of icons are genuine and representational of your business, consider adding these elements into your photographic image.

Your posture, pose and environment can add to your storytelling about you and yours business. These can create feelings of comfort and a sense of commonality.

Friday, December 18, 2009

No. 8 Reason Your Photographic Image is Important

No. 8 Reason Your Photographic Image is Important

Your photographic image needs to grab the viewers attention long enough to create an attraction to you which can result over time in an attraction to your company and its mission, values and belief.

We recently worked with a website design company who fired their old photographic images and collaborated with InBeaute Photography to create new ones. Now as they display their new images they are being overwhelmed with positive comments ranging from “Yes! That’s the person I want to do business with,” to “Wow! What a difference the new photo makes to your image.” Now their photos are working for them 24/7 and building relationships with people even before the first email, conversation or face-to-face contact.

No. 7 Reason Your Photographic Image is Important

No. 7 Reason Your Photographic Image is Important

Your photographic image can provide easy identification so you are recognizable during face-to-face encounters.

Recently, we've been to many networking events and it has been delightful to enter a room and immediately recognize several faces that we've been enjoying in photos via email signatures, blogs, newsletters, LinkedIn profiles and Facebook Fan Pages. It instantly removes those awkward moments wondering who everyone is, what they're all about and will I be standing alone in the corner not knowing anyone.

When your photos are fresh, current and look like you, you offer a great service to those around you because it helps them recognize you much faster.

No. 6 Reason Your Photographic Image is Important

No. 6 Reason Your Photographic Image is Important

Your photographic image should generate positive energy and big smiles with every correspondence that you send.

As communication technology continues to improve you have more variety and frequency with which to display your images. Four similar but slightly different pieces come immediately to mind: blogs, newsletters, email signatures and email letterhead banners. Together they can create frequent vehicles to stay in contact with your clients and create front of mind presence so you are thought of whenever they are asked to refer someone with your talents.

While some may be tempted to use the same one image over and over research results suggest caution if one single photo is used repeatedly as it will be largely ignored by the viewed and eventually can irritate the viewer.

There needs to be a balance between consistency and variety of imagery and we advise you discuss this with your visual brand manager.

No. 5 Reason Your Photographic Image is Important

No. 5 Reason Your Photographic Image is Important

Your photographic images should cause a reaction that is positive both physically and emotionally by viewers.

Research has shown that when measuring study participants visual attention on website pages, the first time a participant viewed a product selection page, the majority of them looked at the area where there were photos, whereas the majority did not look at the text only areas.

Photos of faces do attract visual attention and the more warm, engaging, friendly and trustworthy the better.


No. 4 Reason Your Photographic Image Is Important

No. 4 Reason Your Photographic Image Is Important

Your photographic image should reinforce trust and credibility by showing you with your business, associates, clients, audiences &/or products.

A major challenge in today's marketplace is a persistent lack of consumer trust. Information access, identity theft and e-commerce fraud are just a few examples of common fears and threats. You need to find ways to present yourselves as trustworthy and professional in your website and marketing materials. Professional speakers are encouraged to show yourselves in action in front of a typical audience in a visually appealling venue.

Research studies on the effect of photographs of people on an e-commerce site found that a photograph significantly increased the perceived trustworthiness of the site. Further studies demonstrated that photos of authors can increase the credibility of articles in online magazines.

No. 3 Reason Your Photographic Image Is Important

No.3 Reason Your Photographic Image Is Important

Your photographic image needs to convey your unique, genuine personality.

Have you ever been to a networking event where you hear over and over again that "our company is unique" or they think their "service is unique."

At the end of the day I cannot remember one unique person from another especially if they have traditional, boring, not unique business cards that do not display their portrait on their card.

The one truly unique feature we have is our personality and our physical characteristics. When you are the brand, it's all about you. Your photo really needs to show you at your best and reflect something unique about your personality that differentiates you from your competition.

listened to five-six different people talk about their products and services

No. 2 Reason Your Photographic Image Is Important:

No. 2 Reason Your Photographic Image is Important
You want your photographic image to mirror your best clients.
Imagine that you are about to give a presentation to your most high priced client. What is he/she wearing?

The finest custom cut business suit.
Suit off the shelf
Business casual attire
Blue jeans, tshirt, baseball cap
Shorts, tshirt and flipflops

You need to decide who is your target market, where they shop, how they look and mirror your best client so they feel comfortable with you before you ever have that first conversation.

No. 1 Reason Your Photographic Image Is Important:

We are often asked, "how important is my photographic image to me and my business?"

In today's extremely competitive environment it is one of the most extraordinarily important components for you and your brand.

Your photographs have to literally work for you 24/7 or, just like a poor performing employee, they should be fired and replaced.

Top Ten Reasons Your Photographic Image is Important:

Number One: your photographs should be building relationships in every medium they are displayed from LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, websites, blogs, email signatures, in print and in all advertising media.

We are living and working in a 24/7 world where at any moment your next best client may be visiting your website, your blog, your twitter account, etc. By displaying a series of storytelling photographs, you can presell your clients and help them previsualize what you'd be like to work with.
Attention Minnesota visual artists. The Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program (MAEP), Minneapolis Institute of Arts extend an invitation to all artists to participate in the once-every-ten-years "Foot In The Door" exhibition.

This is an awesome exhibit that gives everyone the opportunity to display an original piece that measures twelve inches square. I participated ten years ago and it was an incredible experience with thousands of people seeing the work.

Visit website for the application and more information.

Mashable readers name Top Twitter Photo Services

Mashable readers have a weekly poll and I thought this would be of benefit to all of us photographers who want to know the best photo sharing services.

How many of these are you using?

Forbes magazine names "Thirty Women Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter"

Forbes magazine names "Thirty Women Entrepreneurs to Follow on Twitter"

excellent group of women to peruse and determine which ones you want to learn from and follow on Twitter.

I joined most, but not all of them. Check it out.

Multi Dimensional Personality

Been holding back on developing my blog because all the experts say follow these Must Do rules 1, 2, 3. Well after two years of reading about it, studying it and analyzing the best route for me, I've decided that I need to be a rule breaker.

I'm not a one dimensional person that can only talk about one thing to one group.

I want to help people with the areas that keep me alive, awake at night, researching, studying, wondering, intrigued and just plain old curious because I follow the Leo horoscope sign which makes me a curious cat.

Yes I am a photographer. A passionate photographer who loves to photograph people but also all the beauty that mother nature has to offer. There are unlimited areas of study within the world of photography so I spend a lot of time on it. I will share personal photos as well as commissioned photography work.

My husband Karl and I have a small photo workshop business. So we love to share our knowledge, experiences and love of workshops with like minded souls.

But I have an insatiable hunger for information on social networking media, marketing, sales, small business practices, entrepreneurship, women's studies, women as CEO's, the internet, and constantly learning from subject matter experts.

We live in Minnesota in a modest home with two siamese sister cats, Sally Mann and Ruth Bernard. Photo friends will recognize that they are named after two famous photographers who are greatly admired.

So, as I said earlier, I will be a rule breaker. I envision postings on any of the above areas that are informative, educational, humorous, and hopefully worth your time.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Social Media Step By Step

thanks to @Caroline Melberg and her webinar, Social Media Step by Step, @Wendy Blomseth is connecting the social media dots between Facebook, Twitter and my new blog; officially launching in 2010.