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The Australian National Waste Policy has brought in a new dimension in how we see our waste before we tend to dispose it. The policy has identified SIX KEY AREAS that would, whilst protecting our environment help in a national coordinated approach.

The six key areas are taking responsibility to reduce the environmentally unfriendly elements and increase the health and safety standards of all products from manufacture to end of life. Improving the use of waste and recovered resources with local technology and if necessary seeking them internationally. Sustain less production of waste and increase the use of waste to attain higher environmental, social and economic standards. Reduce the hazardous contents in waste consistently and introduce safety and accountability in handling and disposal of waste. Substantially increase resources in remote, regional and indigenous communities to recover, manage and reuse waste consistently. Regulators to access data easily on National Waste management, collate them for meaningful progress, in educating the community.

The National Waste Policy would also implement other action to control greenhouse emissions, reduce water and energy use, increase and sustain employment and support economic advancement. The policy would also uphold Australia’s commitment in international for a to protect the environment and adhere to such decisions taken collectively.

The Australian National Waste Policy can be a reality only if all Australians take the management of their waste seriously and follow the set guidelines strictly and equivocally. If each individual takes the onus on him or her to manage the 650 kilograms of waste produced annually, Australia could lead the World on the march to a very green environment.

To begin we would need to collect our waste in one place diligently and get the professionals to manage it and dispose it responsibly. We as the professionals in the waste management industry could step in to help you and the green environment that we would all cherish.

A call to us would get a skip bin hire specially designed truck calling at your premises with skip bins that you would need. Once you have filled the skip bin our skip hire truck would come around again and pick up the bin hire and either dump your waste at an authorized landfill or deliver it to a recycling plant as the case may be.

For a green environment your help is needed.    


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Pests have played a very pivotal role in the economy of many countries for thousands of years. Their economic role in the history of some countries could be termed as catastrophic. Pests have destroyed human settlements and in some cases even entire civilizations.

The plague also called “Black Death” which swept across Europe in the mid 14th century killed an estimated 75 to 200 million people and reduced the world population at the time from 450 million to 350 million. The plague was transmitted by fleas carried by rats. The plague shook the economy of Europe and it took another 150 years for it to recover.

Rats, rodents and mice are good carriers of sickness and disease. Parasitic fleas that live on their bodies could transmit some very contagious diseases. This may be so but at the “Karni Mata Rat Temple” in the State of Rajasthan, in India, there are 20,000 black rats living within and are revered by the devotes who throng the p[lace every day.

Belief apart in the rest of the world Rat control, Rodents control and Mice control is speeding up as they have become a drain on economies. Millions are spent on research and development and billions on ways to control them. Rat control, Rodents control and Mice control are high priorities in most countries.

Like rats pet dogs and cats also carry fleas, and if you have pets it is important that the experts look at them and arrange flea control. Your pets unknown to you may be carrying dangerous disease carrying parasitic fleas and it is your call to keep them healthy with flea control.

Pest Control experts have through experience over many years found new methods in silverfish control, possum control, bird control, spider control, bed bugs control, ant control and wasp control.

Pest control services are available to you with just a few clicks with your fingers on that contraption we all call a telephone. The experts with their bore scopes, thermal imaging and listening equipment will be able conduct termite inspections and tell you the gravity of your subterranean termite proliferation.Termite inspections are mandatory if you living in a house standing up from the ground. An end of lease pest control will take care of all this for you.

Thereafter arranging for Termite control through the best Pest control services is your prerogative or you could have a time bomb in your hands. Termite control on time will save you money, anxiety and headaches.

Pest Control professionals once called will scrutinize your premises thoroughly and advice you about silverfish control, possum control, bird control, spider control, bed bugs control, ant control and wasp control.

The other resilient creature that has intrigued us is the cockroach, and they have lived more than 300 million years on Earth to know how to survive on this planet. So instead of trying to exterminate them, let us initiate a good Cockroach control system curtail them. We must know that Cockroach control is important. Try an end of lease Pest control, if you are moving in.


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