Sunday, July 13, 2014

All About The Light

I was laying in bed thinking about making a still life picture, got up, dressed and saw the light coming in from the east window. Quickly grabbed a couple of things and hid a couple of other things. Here's my first photo of the day. It was ALL ABOUT THE LIGHT.

Saturday, July 12, 2014

Technology: too little, too much, just right

Okay I've downloaded the Blogger app to my iPad mini (again).  I think I did this before but disabled it for some good reason, I'm sure.

So let's see. Technology? How much is too little, too much, just right?

I honestly don't know.

(1)  My Desktop has all the standard Word, Microsoft Office, Excel, plus my trusty old Adobe Photoshop and Picasa.
(2)  the iPhone I'm trying to minimize the app installations now that my old phone is pretty filled up.
(3)  It's this nifty little iPad Mini that will need to be monitored a bit, I suppose, so I don't go overboard with apps and RSS feeds from too many "how to manage a group art exhibit" websites.   LOL 

(4)  I also need to study up on Evernote. I know a biz woman who uses this to the max for team projects, which might be comparable to this effort. 

(5)  I'd like to give some thought on how I will use Facebook and Twitter, of course and possibly LinkedIn. 

(6)  We'll see.  And of course, I'll be creating, editing and manipulating digital images.

All technology demands.

All great learning experiences.

Coincidentally today, for the first time in a year, I put on the t-shirt that says, 

"The journey is the destination."
The Journey is the Destination, July 2014.

Art Exhibit: Worse Case Scenario - Why Nobody Came

WHOA.  I found this site while researching "art exhibit promotions."
She  (Allyson Stanfield) has everything and more.

Nothing like starting with the bad news first, Wendy

by Allyson Stanfield, April 2, 2014

But it's perfect because I always like to think BIG PICTURE, best case/worse case scenario and then plan accordingly.

So make note of this and don't let it happen for the
Art Salon For Fertile Minds group show titled:
" The Space Between The Words."

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Art Exhibit Tip: Know Your Audience

Thinking and researching all the fun details of putting together an art exhibit.

Here's 10 Ideas for How to Promote Your Local Art Show or Group Exhibition

Fortunately, I know my specific audience.
Artists who have been engaged aka visited the Art Salon For Fertile Minds between
inception, February 2011 until the approximate exhibit time February 2015.

woot hoot!

I am excited.

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Nine (9) Transitions

For three years my husband Karl and I have hosted a monthly gathering called the Art Salon For Fertile Minds.  Essentially we have recreated the essence of art salons from the 1920s in Europe and later occuring in the U.S.  Until very recently, we were truly a discussion group.

At the suggestion of our member, Becky W. and the enthusiastic support of some of the other members we are now adding in a "show me" element. We are adamant that we are not there to "critique" people's work. We allow the show me element as another way to deepen relationships, get to know each other and have a greater appreciation for each artist's talents and artwork.

At the February 12th gathering  we showed "art from the heart."  Members brought poems, paintings, photography, collage and more. I showed images that were true labors of love that I recently displayed here.

Now for March, it was proposed that we think about TRANSITIONS and we can each interpret that theme as we choose.  Mine is a series that displays how I work and transition from one still life environment, props, lighting and post-production work.

It involved two different sessions with early afternoon light and then the golden light of sunset coming from a southwestern angle.  It was so much fun and I'm very happy with the results.